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September 07, 1964
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September 07, 1964


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The American League is holding a special meeting in Boston next week to review the sale of the New York Yankees to CBS, but baseball lovers who are hoping the whole thing will be rescinded should not get carried away. In the past the American League has pretty much done what the Yankees wanted it to do, and it seems doubtful that this attitude will change now.

Most likely the Boston meeting is a public relations move to erase some of the bad impression left by the stealth and haste in which negotiations were rammed through; the object is to give a veneer of respectability to an ignominious deal.


The red-and-white sweater has been replaced by a maroon blazer, but the contents of the package are easily recognizable. The shoulders sloping down from the neck like an inverted V, the hands as big as catcher's mitts, the blacksmith's forearms—even in mufti it could only be Gordie Howe, professional hockey's top-ranking goal scorer and perhaps the finest all-round player ever to slip into the skates.

Howe has become a sporting goods adviser (� la Ted Williams) for Canada's department store colossus, T. Eaton Co., Ltd. Company officials are delighted. Howe has been getting an excellent press. Some Howeisms:

On his massive hands—"Milking. We had 12 of the best at home [ Saskatoon, Saskatchewan] and if there was one thing I learned it was not to learn to milk too well."

On how a National Hockey League team would fare against the top Russian team—"Unless they played by our rules we'd have a terrible time with body contact. We'd probably get our ears pinned back, because there's no body contact in the offensive zone, and that is half our game."

On NHL goalies—" Johnny Bower [ Toronto] and Terry Sawchuk [obtained by Toronto from Detroit in the NHL draft] are best at knowing the exact dimensions of the net. If a shot is two inches wide they won't move. Glenn Hall [ Chicago] has the fastest hands."

On NHL expansion—"I don't think it's a good idea. There just aren't enough players to go around."

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