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September 28, 1964
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September 28, 1964


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The third-fastest mile in Kentucky high school history was run last year by Mike Stout of Owensboro Senior High. Then, during the summer, Mike's family moved to Fern Creek, devastating Owensboro's dream of further glory. Because his parents had moved to another school district, Mike would be ineligible for athletic competition in Owensboro.

But Kentucky track coaches are not without resource. Owensboro's track coach, Joe Voyles, has solved it all. He went to court and became Mike's legal guardian.


In an astonishing number of countries, men—ordinary citizens as well as those who patrol what C. P. Snow calls the corridors of power—will hear with sadness of the death last week in New York of C. D. Jackson, a distinguished American and the Senior Vice-President of Time Inc., at the age of 62.

C.D. always had a sympathetic eye for this magazine. It was he who enabled SPORTS ILLUSTRATED to make it possible for the Hungarian athletes who escaped from the Communists at the 1956 Olympics to come to this country and start new lives. He was not a sportsman in the conventional sense, but he was in the deeper sense. He liked to fight, he liked action, he liked to take chances. He had great ability, but his greatest ability was to command affection. He was loved by many, and now they mourn him.


A huge old pine tree stands directly in the middle of No. 1 fairway at the new Port Royal Country Club course on Hilton Head Island, S.C. At some 330 yards from the tee, it represents an unusual hazard, and George W. Cobb, who designed the course, shudders every time he sees it. It stands because C. Y. Thomason, owner of the course, just could not bear to have it cut down.

Players who have bounced balls off it are less sentimental, though, and Thomason has begun to relent. A vote is taken from each golfer every time he plays the course. At the end of six months the fate of the pine will be decided by these votes.


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