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October 19, 1964
MEDALISTSSirs:Two gold medals to John Underwood and Alexander Eliot for their coverage of the Olympic Games (Oct. 5). A silver medal to Gilbert Rogin and numerous bronze medals to your photographers.JUAN L. LOPEZ New York City
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October 19, 1964

19th Hole The Readers Take Over

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We were considerably disturbed by the article Sail It Now, Sink It Later (Aug. 24).

Unlike the persons in the rental field that you quote, we of Skipper's, Inc., like most boat-rental organizations, exercise a considerable amount of caution and discretion before we permit people to take our boats out. Would-be skippers arc checked out in every instance, and where it is necessary to brush them up, they are taken offshore for a practice run by our dock people. In instances where more than that is necessary, we provide instruction at a fee and do not permit them to handle a boat until they satisfy our requirements.

In cases of privately owned boats that are listed with us for charter, the caution of the boat owner is at least as great, for it is his property that he is placing in the hands of the charterer. On many occasions we have rejected the charter.

There is little doubt in our mind that the boat-rental and chartering business will tend to grow at an ever-increasing rate, and that many of its adherents will remain in the capacity of renters and charterers. A great many people who are interested in boating can afford neither the time nor the money to enjoy it at its fullest. A far greater percentage of people who have been attracted to the boating field in various ways will move on to boat ownership but will not do so without a prior opportunity to become skilled on the water through the use of rentals and charter boats. Others intend to become boat owners but use the rentals and charters as a way of determining the precise type of boating that they enjoy most.
Roslyn, N.Y.

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