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A Mippy Time at Arthur for Sybil and the Peer
Liz Smith
August 02, 1965
"There was Joe Goldstein, the public-relations counselor for Roosevelt Raceway, sitting around the office brooding about how he could improve the image of the seventh edition of the $100,000 Roosevelt International trotting championship. Because, let's face it, it was a poky sort of image with horses like that and maybe he needed to counsel some kind of stunt that would get it the hell into the papers.
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August 02, 1965

A Mippy Time At Arthur For Sybil And The Peer

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"Would you like to meet your hostess?" his Lordship was asked. "Oh, dear, yes," he said in his simple Welsh way. Lord Langford, Mrs. Christopher and Trainer Noel Simpson posed for a picture. NBC snatched Sybil from the scene for a private backroom interview. The press closed in on Lord Langford.

Reporter: Sir, have you ever been in a discoth�que before?

Lord: To give a short answer—no.

Reporter: How do you like it?

Lord: I don't really know, you press people have been around like flies.

Reporter: Is your tie regimental, sir?

Lord: No, old school, Marlborough College. It's red, white, blue, red, white, blue, on and on, forever and ever.

Reporter: It's very dashing, sir, and I noticed a while back when you opened your coat, red suspenders.

Lord: Ah, yes, but in my country we call them braces. Suspenders are something you wear down here.

He pointed to his socks.

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