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Four Masters from Canada
Charles Goren
September 06, 1965
While thousands of bridge players were breaking every kind of attendance record at the Summer Nationals in Chicago last month, four Canadians set a different kind of record in the battle for the Spingold Trophy, emblematic of the Masters Knockout Team championship. The same four players who took the title last year in Toronto—a barrister of Scottish descent, a bridge teacher and coach who had been born in Iran, a veteran flyer of World War II and a lifetime sufferer from cerebral palsy—successfully defended their championship. This was the first time in the 32-year history of the Spingold Trophy competition that the same team had won two years in a row.
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September 06, 1965

Four Masters From Canada

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3 [Heart]

Becker opened the club ace and continued clubs, forcing dummy to ruff with the jack. Declarer cashed one high heart and two top diamonds, ruffed a diamond to establish the suit, then led to dummy's last heart. The good 8 of diamonds was led, and Mrs. Hayden had her choice of losing plays. If she ruffed high declarer would discard his losing club. When she ruffed low Murray overruffed and led his last trump, giving the defenders their second trick with the queen of trumps but forcing a spade return. The spade 10 was covered by the queen and was won by the ace. The good diamond was cashed, Murray discarding his losing club. Then dummy led a spade and Mrs. Hayden was helpless to prevent Murray from winning a tenth trick with his spade jack.

The Canadian plus was 790, a net of 290 on the combined result and a gain of 7 International Match Points. Up to this point each team had gained on two deals and five were standoffs, but from here on the tide ran steadily toward Canada.

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