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November 01, 1965
DOGS' DAYSirs:After seeing the Georgia-Michigan game, your John Underwood must have been very sad that his favorite team, which indubitably is Michigan, failed to win (Not Just an Old Sweet Song, Oct. 11). Then to add insult to injury you made him write an article on the upset. We in Athens realize that there are other great football teams besides our own, but the Georgia Bulldogs are playing their hearts out for us this year and we're proud of them. Underwood apparently doesn't share our openhearted respect. His article is spotted with insulting remarks, like his ridiculous joke about how the Bulldogs are people who can't tie their ties or get their parts straight. As for the name of our linebacker, Jiggy Smaha, that's his business just as Michigan Coach Bump Elliott's name is his business.
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November 01, 1965

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Ken Willard probably chose to play with the San Francisco 49ers because he knew he could play with them. He would have been lucky to have made one of the AFL teams, and he certainly would not be the No. 2 ground-gainer in the league. One of these days men like Willard and Maule will wake up to the fact that the NFL and AFL are already on a par.

As a fan of both the NFL and the AFL, I would like to try to explain to Mr. Bill Price (19TH HOLE, Oct. 11) why the Packers have not signed many of their top draft choices in recent years. The quality of the AFL is rapidly approaching that of the NFL, but they are not yet equal. Each year a large number of college players is drafted, and thus the percentage of those who will make good is small. For this reason many of the players drafted by both leagues choose the AFL, where they feel their chances of staying with the team are greater.

So in truth the Packers haven't failed to sign their drafts because the AFL is better, but because it is not yet as good. It's just that the draftees have chosen to go with the team they think will be better for them. Also, because of the thinking of the new players, I feel the two leagues will soon be equal in quality, and I hope that in the near future teams from both leagues will be opposing each other on the field and not just in the arguments of the fans.
New Haven, Conn.

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