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November 29, 1965
PITY THE POOR RED SHIRTDraft boards in some sections of the country have adopted a ruling that students seeking deferment must complete college in eight semesters or four years. This could have an adverse effect on the popular practice of "red-shirting"—holding certain collegiate football players out of varsity competition for an entire season in order to give them a year of eligibility later on. If the ruling becomes accepted procedure everywhere, red-shirt now, play later, won't seem quite such a good idea any more.
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November 29, 1965


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Down in Malawi (that's Nyasaland if you have an old atlas), a leopard leaped through a window into the Cape Maclear Hotel. The occupant of the room, Mrs. Rene Kennedy, picked up a rifle and shot it. The leopard ran outside and died.

Asked if she had ever shot a leopard before, Mrs. Kennedy said: "Yes, but never in my bedroom."

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