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January 17, 1966
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January 17, 1966


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Fifteen percent more: 6% in a capital gains deal payable when the player reached age 32 and another 9% payable over the next 5 years.

Anderson, you will remember, signed with Green Bay.

If you need further proof of owners' generosity, consider the words of Texas Tech Tackle John Porter. "They're going to give me $50,000," says Porter, "just because I lockered next to Donny Anderson for three years."


The 4,269 residents of Truth or Consequences, N. Mex. generally refer to their town as "T or C." The local justice of the peace, however, likes to see the name spelled out—in action as well as words.

J. P. Roy Maddux had a problem recently when two angry young businessmen came to him with a dispute over a $27.64 debt. Three times he tried to settle the matter, but the men never did agree on the truth; consequently, the longer the case continued, the angrier they grew.

Well a J. P. is interested in peace as well as justice, so Maddux finally decided on a western-style solution. He told the defendants he would let them fight it out.

Then he got someone to lend him 16-ounce gloves. "Big ole pillows," said the judge. "I knew they wouldn't hurt anybody, and I knew there are times when this works: I was a first sergeant in the Army for nine years."

Word got out and everyone in town wanted to see the contest, but the judge kept out all spectators. "I kinda blacked out this area," he observed.

The men fought, with Judge Maddux as referee. Plaintiff overwhelmed defendant; plaintiff was awarded $27.64. "The two shook hands and I think they are going to be friends," says Maddux. "And they are friends with me, too."

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