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August 08, 1966
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August 08, 1966


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Madigan's plunge got heavy play in the local papers, but the sports editor of The SMU Campus wrote nary a word about it. His name? Mike Madigan.

"It must have been a great story," sighs Madigan. "I just wish I had been awake to cover it."


It may be 85�, but they're skiing at Ski Villa in Carbon Canyon, 45 freeway minutes east of Los Angeles. Not water skiing—snow skiing, sort of. It's not the real white thing, or even the manufactured kind that requires near-freezing weather. A $750,000 plastic ski run has been built on a seven-acre slope that was graded to the desired contour, covered with two inches of mastic cement and topped with 1.3 million interlocking 6-inch square tiles of plastic bristles with a 1�-inch nap. Skiers claim the surface is comparable to midmorning spring snow on Mammoth Mountain, seven hours north of L.A.

Facilities at Ski Villa include three rope tows of 900, 500 and 300 feet, a run of more than a quarter of a mile, a ski school, equipment shop, restaurant, lounge, ski patrol and, nota bene, a first-aid station.

"Falling on plastic bristles doesn't have the soft touch of snow," an executive of Randazzo Plastic, which provided the tiles, deftly puts it. In fact, Ski Villa recommends that skiers wear "full clothes coverage." There's not much point in wearing bathing suits, anyway. It's so hot in the daytime that the floodlit slope operates mainly at night.


Gerry Driscoll of Driscoll Custom Boats in San Diego, who is supervising the remodeling of Columbia for the 1967 America's Cup campaign, recently received the following letter from Alberto J. Quayat of Rye, N.Y.:

"I read...that you are replanking the afterbody of Columbia. This boat has a sentimental value to many of us. Would it be possible to pick up some scrap pieces from the pile, ? inch and over in thickness, any length, and mail them to me by parcel post?"

To facilitate the reply, Quayat enclosed a checklist, and asked Driscoll to indicate the appropriate items.

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