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August 08, 1966
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August 08, 1966


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Driscoll sent Quayat a sizable piece of the stern section and advises that filling this order has exhausted the stock of the Columbia Souvenir Shoppe. He did not return Quayat's questionnaire, however. He's keeping it as a souvenir.


For the past two seasons the New York Jets have wondered how much Tackle Sherman Plunkett really weighed. He was carried on the program as 300, but that was because the Jets' scale only registered to 300. This year the Jets have a new scale that goes up to 350, and when Plunkett first stood on it he weighed 325. Last week he was down to his old program weight, but Coach Weeb Ewbank was after him to make 295.

To Plunkett this is unreasonable. "I think everything's sort of relative," he says. "You take a guy who's supposed to weigh 185. If he weighs 190, nobody says he's fat."

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