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September 05, 1966
BIKE FEVERSirs:Vive SPORTS ILLUSTRATED! And vive le Tour de France (A Nation's Midsummer Madness, Aug. 22)! Your way of covering the lesser-known sports certainly appeals to the many nonbaseball-basketball-football-oriented fans. Jack Olsen's article on the world-famous bicycle classic presented an interesting and amusing insight. Those of us who are active in cycling here in the U.S. agree with the statement: "Bicycle racers are 15 years ahead of other sportsmen. They are the most intelligent of athletes." We feel that they are also among the most dedicated and persevering of our athletes. Each summer the Amateur Bicycle League of America conducts road championships in each state, which are up to 120 miles in length. When you throw in a 95� July sun, steaming pavement, muscle-torturing climbs and 50-mile-an-hour descents, you've got to be truly dedicated to your sport to love it. Unlike the Tour de France, however, our gallery of fans is often composed of a couple of curious cows, a dog or two and, maybe, a startled chicken.RAY GUESTSumter, S.C.
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September 05, 1966

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Soccer was popular in British-oriented areas of this country years ago, along with cricket, mumblety-peg, lacrosse, drop-the-handkerchief and croquet. But the Carlisle Indians and Pop Warner changed all that, thank goodness.
West Palm Beach, Fla.

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