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September 19, 1966
The Miracle
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September 19, 1966

A Wild Ride With The Mustangs

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Everybody but the fullback, the wingback and both ends return to the offensive unit, and Jerry Levias, the other Negro to get a shot at SWC football and a 9.8 sprinter, fills the end position. "We'll do anything to get Levias in the open," said Fry.

The Mustangs could get by with senior Mac White at quarterback. If not, they will go with Mike Livingston, a 6-foot-3, 200-pounder who also has 9.8 speed, is hair-raising on roll-outs and can pass. Occasionally, of course, White will hand off to Tailback Jim Hagle. "You think we won't surprise some people?" asks an assistant. Count on it.

Whenever nine of 11 starters return to an offensive team, that's good news, but when one of the starters is TEXAS WESTERN Quarterback Billy Stevens, duck. Stevens amassed over 3,000 wildly exciting yards passing last year and over 200 more in the Sun Bowl against TCU. And because Bobby Dobbs is a coach who would rather stick his head in a bowl of piranhas than watch a man run with the ball, he has seen to it that there are some sure-handed people around to catch Stevens' throws. Flanker Chuck Hughes is only 5 feet 11, but he caught 80 passes last year, and if Stevens prefers the tall, willowy type he has one of those, too, in Bob Wallace, a 6-foot-2 junior who sprints. Linebacker Fred Carr will have to work hard to keep opponents from running at will, but defense is not what Dobbs has in mind. In the spring game, the Orange beat the White 43-41. Duck again.

The Rest

Rice beat Texas last year, which is fine, but the Owls lost eight other games and could again. There are problems at quarterback, and the linebacking is weak. In short, Rice will have trouble moving the ball and stopping anyone else from moving. Three wins would be a gift for Coach Jess Neely, who is retiring this season after 40 years.

It was close, so very very close, but TEXAS TECH couldn't stop Arkansas in 1965's big oneā€”not even with Donny Anderson and Quarterback Tom Wilson. Without them, the Red Raiders will have to chug along with Tackle Phil Tucker, a standout blocker, opening holes for Guy Griffis, a quarterback who cannot pass as well as Wilson did but who runs with distinction.

Texas A&M won three games for Coach Gene Stallings in his first year, and "we could get better," insists one assistant. Possibly, but the Aggies will have to be much better to do as well in a tougher conference. There is quality at spots, especially if Mo Moorman, a 6-foot-5, 250-pounder, is playing at one of them. He is capable of manhandling people any old place. There just are not any more like him, though.

At WEST TEXAS STATE there are no less than 15 returning regulars, including Quarterback Hank Washington, and since he was the 12th most effective quarterback in the country the Buffaloes could improve on their six wins last year.

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