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December 05, 1966
IT FIGURESThe selection of USC over UCLA as Purdue's opponent in the Rose Bowl didn't look any better after the Notre Dame-USC game. But UCLA wouldn't have been much of an improvement. What the AAWU should have done was pick the University of Santa Clara, which neither proselytes nor gives aid to football players. After all, Santa Clara beat San Francisco State. San Francisco State beat Cal Poly of San Luis Obispo. Cal Poly of San Luis Obispo beat Los Angeles State. Los Angeles State beat Long Beach State. Long Beach State beat University of the Pacific. University of the Pacific beat San Jose. San Jose beat California. California beat Washington. Washington beat UCLA. UCLA beat USC.
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December 05, 1966


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"Thankee," said the stranger, and into the Cotton Bowl they went. Once inside the gate, the man in the blazer took back the stub and put it in his pocket, saying, "You are on your own now."

Only later, that night, as he emptied his pockets on the dresser top in his bedroom, did the man in the blazer discover that the stranger had wrapped a $10 bill around the stub.

Now somewhere nigh onto 325 miles from Dallas is a fan who tipped Clint Murchison, reputedly the wealthiest man in the U.S., 10 bucks.


Wayne Vandenburg, the new track coach at Texas Western College in El Paso, is a young man in a hurry. In fact, he has been known to shave his head just to cut down wind resistance.

When Vandenburg, 24, hit Texas Western last spring the track team was so depleted by scholastic ineligibility, injury and disinterest that it numbered six lost souls, and the outdoor season had been canceled before it was half over. On May 5 Vandenburg signed his contract. On May 6 he was off on a 55-day transcontinental recruiting tour during which he covered 16,000 miles and stepped on almost as many toes.

Complained one coach, a demon recruiter himself: "There was hardly a high school boy I talked to that hadn't already talked to Vandenburg."

The result of all this fast talking? The Texas Western track team now numbers 36; 10 junior-college transfers will be enrolling next term and five red shirts are running in place in the wings.

"We've got depth," says Vandenburg. "We're loaded in the sprints, the quarter mile and the relays. We're strong in all the jumps and the hurdles. We're more than adequate in the distances. This team is going to win the NCAA championship in 1968."

No way? They laughed last March when Texas Western took the floor in the NCAA basketball tournament.

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