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December 05, 1966
SISTERLY KISSSirs:Where was the great spirit of old Notre Dame when Ara settled for that tie (An Upside-clown Game, Nov. 28)? My opinion of the school, its spirit, and Coach Parseghian is infinitely lower after "the game of the decade."
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December 05, 1966

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Your article on Sherrill Headrick was very good. It brought out his determination and his wonderful sense of humor. I am sure Kansas City would not be as successful without the continuous service of a man who puts the game of football ahead of his own injuries.
Rochester, Minn.

SI has some of the finest articles about pro football and its players, but the article on Sherrill Headrick was rather disgusting. Headrick is a good linebacker and may be a pro in other respects, but a real pro is never ashamed to be sidelined because of an injury or an ailment. No man with any common sense would participate in a game with badly broken bones or other serious injuries.
Glenshaw, Pa.

Dan Jenkins' description of Texas A&M as simply a "grim-looking military school" (A Sane Conclusion in a Cockeyed Conference, Nov. 7) shows a lack of both investigation and intelligence on his part. To be sure, A&M is the greatest source of reserve officers in the nation, but Mr. Jenkins has overlooked several other rather significant factors. Located on the A&M campus are one of the nation's most modern nuclear reactors and the newest type of cyclotron yet developed. Also located here are NASA's research headquarters, the state's most efficient data-computer center, a school of architecture considered one of the best in the nation and a school of veterinary medicine deemed to be the finest in the South and Southwest.

Had Mr. Jenkins taken a closer look at the Aggie alums who attend A&M games, he would have discovered not only Texas county agents who have "crawled out of their offices" but executives of Gulf Oil, Texaco, Southwestern Bell, Texas" largest banks and power companies, the Texas Highway Department, numerous doctors and lawyers and several members of the U.S. House of Representatives, as well as an impressive number of military personnel.

Perhaps it would be wise to have "General" Honor Fitzpatrick (LETTER FROM MIL PUBLISHER, NOV. 7) work with associate editors such as Dan Jenkins to encourage them to avoid being obnoxious in their writing and reporting. Texas A&M has a better physical plant, teaching staff and administration than the majority of universities in this country. Aggie jokes generally are told by non-Aggies who are envious of the Aggie spirit—a tangible and awe-inspiring thing not evident in any other university or college.
Pasadena, Texas

Dan Jenkins' article insults A&M as an educational institution and it casts a reflection on its many distinguished graduates. The Aggies may have crawled out of the woodwork to go to College Station to see their football team soundly trounced by a fine Arkansas squad, but that night Dan Jenkins was the only termite in Kyle Field.

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