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December 12, 1966
PRIDE AND PREJUDICESirs:Perhaps the reason for entitling the article An Upside-down Game (Nov. 28) was not because Notre Dame Linebacker Jim Lynch was photographed upside down, but because your writer, Dan Jenkins, was standing on his head. Mr. Jenkins says, "A No. 1 team will try something." Then he adds, "No one wanted a freak play to decide it; everyone wanted a clear winner." If Notre Dame had scored during that last minute, would it not have been most likely on a freak play?D. RICHARD BARDERHighland, Ind.
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December 12, 1966

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Our motto now is, "Ski America First."
Portland, Ore.

Thorough personal research, words set down vividly and with conviction, photos like chestfuls of cold, fresh air, abstract paintings rich in natural rhythms and brave color harmonies—your essay on America's 10 best ski runs has all these. What's more, it keeps them in balance. It belongs, I guess, among the 10 best word-and-picture runs in magazine history. Thanks, and three cheers from this side of the water for Writer Bob Ottum, Photographer John Zimmerman and Artist Donald Moss!
Rome, Italy

As a native of the Alps I am always amazed by the climate in the Rockies and the Wasatch Mountains, the much lighter powder snow and the much better manners of those who must wait in lines. Ten or 15 years ago, it was hard to beat Europe for charm and fine food and just plain ski fun. Today, in my opinion, the world's best and most enjoyable skiing lies in a triangle between Alta, Taos and Vail, and I believe you can find all the best of Europe right there, from French cuisine to Rocky Mountain powder, from the sunshine of New Mexico to the smooth and warmhearted service found only in the U.S. nowadays! Last but not least, America's ski resorts offer amazingly effective slope maintenance, unknown in Europe, and a few areas that are as yet free of those monstrous waiting lines. In short, skiing the Alps is fun, but mid- America has it all, and then some.
El Prado, N. Mex.

Your report on super ski runs was very well done, but I think you should have mentioned other outstanding runs. For instance, Rendezvous Peak at Jackson Hole, Wyo. has the longest vertical drop (4,135 feet) in the nation.
Rawlins, Wyo.

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