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A Primer of Poker Parlance
Dick Miles
April 17, 1967
TRIPS. Three of a kind.
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April 17, 1967

A Primer Of Poker Parlance

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TRIPS. Three of a kind.

TAP OUT. In table-stakes poker, a single bet, or call, that risks all one's chips.

ROUGH. In lowball, a hand in which the highest cards descend consecutively. Thus, a rough seven, 7 6 5 3 A, loses to a smooth seven, 7 4 3 2 A.

COLD. Indicates a strong hand that was dealt, rather than one that improved with the draw.

LOCK ARTIST or LOCKSMITH. A player who bets only when he holds a sure winner.

ROCK. A tight player to be feared. One who only enters a pot holding strong cards. Contrasted with a

FISH or LIVE ONE. A player to be welcomed. He plays on almost anything and hopes to improve with the draw.

MECHANIC. A crooked dealer.

WHEEL. The best hand in the lowball, e.g., A 2 3 4 5.

SQUEEZING. The act of looking at one's hand by spreading the cards into a fan, a micromillimeter at a time.

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