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May 01, 1967
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May 01, 1967


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"I also happen to be No. 3 in top spinning. One and two? I forget their names. They held the championships at Disneyland a couple of years ago.

"But I get tired of traveling, so I work as a waiter and I do the bit. I've put on charity gigs, shows in orphanages and hospitals. I'm like Roy Rogers on a white horse. The kids have to come see me. I'm telling you, man, this is Americana."


The San Francisco Giants are a rewarding team. Alvin Dark used to give out golf balls as bonuses. Willie McCovey once got a free dinner each time he hit to left. Now Gaylord Perry has revealed that he has a standing offer of a $10 dinner to any teammate who bats in three runs in a game for him. "It cost me about $150 last year," says Perry, "but it certainly was worth it." Perry, who won 21 games in 1966, makes more than $50,000.

This year Perry is adding an incentive. "I'm offering the shortstop and second baseman dinners if they complete three double plays in a game," he says. "However, there's a string attached. I've got to win the game."

That's not all. Learning that the dinners might be deductible, Perry is thinking of putting them down as a business expense on his income tax return. But if the wining and dining mounts up, will the recipients of Perry's largesse have to report it as taxable income?


It was nothing he could pinpoint, but Yves Blatg� figured there was something vaguely insufferable about his dog, Moloff, right from the start. Blatg� is a ski guide, instructor, mountaineer and all-round rugged type at Courchevel, France, and he has enough troubles with wealthy tourists without taking any curled lip from a Dalmatian. Still, "I could tell by the way he sort of looked at me," says Yves, "that he figured he was a better man than I was."

First they went for a walk, and Moloff walked faster, looking over his shoulder disgustedly. Then they broke into a run and, naturally, Moloff won paws down.

"He got to lying around the house sneering at me," says Yves, "so I took him mountain climbing. He was good in the foothills. But when we got to the straight-up-and-down, hand-over-hand part he couldn't make it too well, and we hung there on the wall and I looked him in the face and said, "Aha! You see! Now I am the best, no?" Score one for man. But on the way down, Moloff recovered enough to beat Blatg� jumping from rock to rock, and they ended up at the same standoff.

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