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August 21, 1967
MR. GIANTSirs:After reading the article on Willie Mays (Say Hey No More, Aug. 7), I feel sorry for the little boys who live in Mark Mulvoy's neighborhood. I'm sure he takes delight in gathering up their baseballs when they land in his yard. To thousands of little boys, and to baseball fans of all ages, Willie Mays is immortal. He is immune to knockdowns, strikeouts, errors—and to old age. Please let us hang on to our memories of the big guys. We want to remember these men, who have contributed so much to sport, at their best.JACK VEATCH St. Louis
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August 21, 1967

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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After three parts and several pages of writing and explanations by Fran Tarkenton about the Minnesota Vikings, he dismisses the part that most people will want to find out about—his problems with Van Brocklin—by saying: "There's no point in going into the gory details. They're personal, and they're irrelevant." That certainly does not tell us why Fran and Norm drifted apart. Give us the facts, sir, just the facts.
Rocky River, Ohio

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