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October 30, 1967
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October 30, 1967


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Brigham Young's Dennis Patera and Rich Adams are ranked in the top 20 in national collegiate kicking statistics, yet their names can't be found in the Cougars' 1967 football guidebook. This fall, long after the team roster was complete. Patera and Adams walked into Coach Tommy Hudspeth's office and asked for tryouts.

Patera had been a discus thrower on the BYU track team, but his scholarship had expired. He needed another one to complete his studies in business management. He informed Hudspeth that he thought he could kick a football rather well.

About the same time Adams, just back from two years on a Mormon mission, approached one of the BYU assistant coaches. Adams looked lean (5' 9") and hungry (150 pounds) and zealous—hardly of football fiber. But after the assistant watched Adams punt, he told Hudspeth. "I think you better take a look at him."

Hudspeth did—and he looked at Patera, too. Adams is now averaging over 40 yards per punt; Patera has kicked a field goal in every BYU game and has added 17 of 19 extra points, and Coach Hudspeth is making sure that his office door is always open.


Last Friday the 13th was hardly unlucky for what the manager of The Dunes Hotel and Country Club in Las Vegas discreetly described as "a short, chubby man from Connecticut." With a milling, shouting crowd standing 12-deep around the crap table, chubby managed the unheard-of feat of rolling 50 straight passes. He was at the table for more than two hours without losing a roll, and when he was finished he had won nearly $25,000. More important, from the casino's viewpoint, was the fact that gamblers betting with him won an estimated half a million dollars. If there had not been a $500 limit at the table, The Dunes might well be bankrupt today.

The longest run of luck previously recorded in Las Vegas was 28 passes made in 1950 by a man on his honeymoon.

If the object at The Dunes casino was winning, down the street at Jasper Martin's pizza parlor the clientele was trying hard to lose. Martin sponsors a contest the purpose of which is to pick the losers in 12 college football games. Although 3,000 people enter the competition each week, no one has turned in an all-losing ballot yet.

The night before their game with the University of British Columbia, students at Simon Fraser U. raided the agricultural barns of their archrival. After painting SFU on the cows' hindquarters, they turned the herd loose on the staid UBC campus.

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