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Mrs. Meyer will make you a deerskin jacket—if you take care of the skin
John F. Murphy
October 30, 1967
Whomp! A hunter drops a deer with a clean shot out in the woods, about three miles from nowhere. Then what? It is a moment of triumph, but until he has gone through the traditional round of handshakes and had a few snorts from a hip flask the hunter rarely realizes that his work has just begun. He still has to get the carcass back to civilization.
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October 30, 1967

Mrs. Meyer Will Make You A Deerskin Jacket—if You Take Care Of The Skin

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If you run across anything else in the woods—such as a bear or a bobcat—Mrs. Meyer also will handle it for you. She has a huge freezer in the basement stuffed with cleaned skins, including those of skunks, which have no odor.

The styles contained in Mrs. Meyer's catalog, available by writing House of Deerskin, The Meyer House, Route 23, Newfoundland, N.J., are not exactly haute couture. But then again, neither is a deerskin.

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