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May 06, 1968
LAST CHANCESirs:As a result of your article on the Red River Gorge (Operation Build and Destroy, April 1), my wife and I went to Kentucky for four days to visit the site and its area. We also discussed the matter with proponents and opponents of the proposed dam. From this brief survey our conclusions are: 1) the gorge must be saved as a unique educational and recreational resource whose accessibility and proximity to growing urban population centers will make it especially valuable in the years ahead; and 2) the needs of the people of the Red River valley for flood protection and jobs must be recognized, but these needs can be met in other ways.
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May 06, 1968

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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In the article on the NBA division playoff's (Push Comes to Shove, April 15), SPORTS ILLUSTRATED describes Nate Thurmond's role as a radio color announcer for the San Francisco- Los Angeles finals and mentions that the broadcast was sponsored in part by Nate Thurmond basketball shoes. SI then states that "it is a bit jarring, of course, to hear the announcer speak of 'perfect comfort while wearing the Nate Thurmond shoe' while the principal sits there recovering from a wrecked knee received while wearing the Nate Thurmond shoe."

As Mr. Thurmond's personal business agent and his partner in Nate Thurmond Products Co., manufacturers of Nate Thurmond basketball shoes, I take exception to the implication that there is a relationship between Mr. Thurmond's wearing these shoes and his injury. In fact, the injury was caused by a collision on the court with another player.

I hope that you will set the record straight.
Nate Thurmond Products Co.
New York City

?The remark was made in jest, but SI is glad to publish Mr. Kay's statement for the benefit of readers who may have received an erroneous impression.—ED.

I have just finished reading Sal Maglie's article, Baseball Is a Tough Business (April 15 and 22). Maglie does not need the Red Sox. They need him, and so does baseball. It's people like Sal Maglie and Leo Durocher and Bill Veeck who make baseball a colorful sport. And the fans love them! The Dodgers thought the game had passed Durocher by, but he took a 10th place team to third, and in the Cubs' home opener this season he received a standing ovation when introduced to the crowd. I hope men like Maglie and Veeck get back into baseball—and soon. They love the game. It is not just a business to them. Congratulations for one of the best articles to appear in SI in the 11 years I've been a subscriber.

After reading his article, I find it difficult to understand how Sal Maglie ever lost 62 games. It is, however, quite evident why Dick Williams refused to rehire him as pitching coach. If Maglie's coaching is anything like his obnoxious conceit, baseball will lose one of its "all-time greats" not only for 1968 but, hopefully, forever.
Marietta, Ohio

I am a Red Sox fan. I admire Jim Lonborg, Dick Williams, Sal Maglie and the rest of the Sox. But after reading Sal's account of how Williams let Lonborg take the beating in the seventh game of the World Series when he could have put in any one of many pitchers in the bullpen, I think that Williams should have been fired instead of Maglie.

After all, if it hadn't been for Lonborg the Red Sox wouldn't even have been in that seventh game.
Niagara Falls, N.Y.

Dick Williams is a manager who knows just what he's talking about. He's no fool. If Maglie had thought twice about it he would have realized why Jim Lonborg was kept in the seventh game of the World Series, even though the Cardinals were hitting well off him. It would have broken the hearts of many New Englanders if Williams had taken Jim out. And how could the rest of the team even try their best to win knowing that the one who had brought them so far had been removed from the game? Jim deserved to pitch that last game, and in my opinion he won it!

And don't worry about his skiing accident. He'll be able to bounce back and be just as effective in May as he was all last season.
Taunton, Mass.

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