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September 16, 1968
KICKOFFSirs:My congratulations to Tex Maule and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED for the article By Any Other Name...(Sept. 2). It gives new hope for the Packers, and I am sure they will be the champs again. The photographs were just great.ROBERT E. PAZIKThompsonville, Conn.
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September 16, 1968

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Would it be possible to obtain a copy of the picture of Ken Harrelson as it appears on your cover? You see, I attend college out of state, and all winter I'm trapped in a dormitory with scores of bitter Yankee fans. I need something to carry me through.

P.S. Please wrap the picture carefully, we can't afford any more injuries.

Ken Harrelson may be impressed by the fact that, upon my buying your "Hawk" issue, the man at the newsstand glanced at it and asked me what Richard Burton was doing on the cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

My, my, if the Hawk looks like Richard Burton when he wears a Nehru jacket, think what one would do for Carl Yastrzemski!
Simsbury, Conn.

Your article on Ken Harrelson (Hawk Baby Is Big in Boston) was one of the best I have ever read in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. It truly portrayed one of the most exciting and vital personalities in all of sports. Ken is the greatest thing to happen to Boston sports since Ted Williams. I believe he is the key to the 1969 pennant.
Groton, Mass.

Thank you very much for the article Jet Age Slow Brummell (Aug. 26). Too many people condemn Joe Namath, and these people don't even know him. Why can't people also take into consideration the fact that Joe leaves his furs in the locker room and goes through a lot of pain to play? I just wish people would look at both sides of Joe Willie before knocking him. He ain't bad, after all.
East Orange, N.J.

Joe Willie Namath in mink coat and slacks with stripes that don't match? Oh, well.
Schenectady, N.Y.

I have just read Mr. Curry Kirkpatrick's description of the Westchester Classic Golf Tournament (Julie Bags a Bundle, Aug. 26). In it he undermines the strength of the field in our major events such as the National PGA Championship. He states that the PGA Championship is an event "where club pros from all over annually seem to have nothing more than a hot dog, beer and miss-the-cut reunion."

I'm one of those "hot dog" pros, the same pro who led the U.S. Open in San Francisco in 1966 with a first-round 67. I got a mention in SI, too: "A man named Al Mengert went out that first day, kept the ball in the fairway and shot a 67 to lead the field. An Al Mengert always leads the Open on the first day."

For Mr. Kirkpatrick to knock the class of the field for the 50th PGA certainly shows his lack of knowledge of the event. In the first place, all 10 of the leading money-winners listed in the article were there. Secondly, I'm the first to admit that I am a club professional and only play twice a week with my members and spend the rest of the time teaching them how to play. The PGA this year was my first 72-hole event on the tour in over a year. However, my 287 (six shots back of winner Julie Boros) included 41 putts on the last 20 holes, four three-putt greens and a ball in the water on the third round. It doesn't take much imagination to see that I had a chance to win.

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