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October 28, 1968
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October 28, 1968


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Town Marshal Bob Lacquye of Naches, Wash. was trailing a suspected Army deserter from Fort Dix, N.J. one afternoon recently when the soldier slipped away into some bushes near the Naches High School football field, where Coach Jake Borck's Rangers were practicing.

The team spotted the fugitive and could see that he was increasing his lead over the marshal. Coach Borck decided it was about wind-sprint time anyway, so suddenly, in a burst of citizenship and scrimmage-weariness, the whole squad took off, as the coach remarked later, "like hounds after the fox."

The suspect heard a rumbling of cleats, looked up and saw 35 helmeted deputies bearing down on him. He put on a kick but was caught from behind, after a lively broken-field quarter mile across the school grounds, by a lineman. After gaining some 3,000 miles running, he found himself at the bottom of a pile.

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