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If you happen to lose your marbles, the Vitro Agate Co. stands ready to help
Charles Layng
October 28, 1968
Whatever else the kids are doing in the school yards this year (and parents may shudder to think), you can be sure that at least some of them are playing marbles. Kids were playing with polished-and-rounded stones in Egypt and Rome long before the Christian era, and it's a safe bet that they will go on playing with similar baubles of glass and plastic until the ultimate bomb fuses the world into one big aggie.
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October 28, 1968

If You Happen To Lose Your Marbles, The Vitro Agate Co. Stands Ready To Help

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Since glass is acid-proof, marbles are also useful in oil and acid filters. Glass balls are being used as well in ball valves for ball bearings and ball sockets. Paper mills use them in connection with their paper-feeding devices.

Marbles are with us in one way or another virtually all the days of our lives. They accompany us all our days from just beyond the cradle to the graveā€”and even after. How's that? In many modern mausoleums a dozen or so aggies are placed under coffins in the crypts so that they will roll more easily across the floor in case they need to be moved.

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