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November 04, 1968
BLACK SOXSirs:After seeing the telecast of the medal presentation to Tommie Smith and John Carlos and hearing the reading of the statement by the U.S. Olympic Committee, I feel compelled to comment on both.
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November 04, 1968

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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With such greats as Bill Russell in basketball, Jean-Claude Killy in skiing, Bob Gibson and Denny McLain in baseball, as yet undetermined greats in football, and possible multiple gold-medal winners in the Olympics, you sure are going to have problems picking The Sportsman.

The only thing you can be sure of is that most of your readers are not going to agree with you.
Lawton, Okla.

I wish you would give Sportsman of the Year honors to the late Jim Clark, because even death had to wait for him to win his 25th Grand Prix victory.
Erie, Pa.

Perhaps you would be interested to know about the continuing work of the Disassociated Students Fund here at U.T. El Paso.

The response for contributions from your readers, from concerned El Pasoans, from people all over the nation has been very generous. How grateful we are. And how good to know that so many share our point of view; that is, the necessity of an education for these young men. More than $5,000 has come in so far—enough for tuition, books and emergency aid for the former athletes for the academic year 1968-69 and for the 1969 summer session.

We hope to continue the fund for at least three years for this reason. Of the 11 athletes who were disassociated from the university track team, eight have returned. Three are seniors, two are juniors and three are sophomores. There is a further possibility that one more of the young men will resume his studies next semester or next fall. Thus you can see the need of continued effort on our part. We want to provide help until all have graduated.

Although individual thank-you notes have been sent to all contributors, I should like to express again my thanks to you and to your readers. It is satisfying to all of us who have worked with these young men to see them back in their classes again.
El Paso

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