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February 17, 1969
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February 17, 1969


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"So strike, players. Strike forever. And owners, don't yield. Don't give in...."

Would it be O.K. if we just played a little catch in the backyard?


Amherst's hockey team lost 15-2 to Middlebury the other day and in so doing established a new Eastern College Athletic Conference Division II record of 14 straight losses over two seasons. Inspired, an anonymous poet wrote the following, which appeared in the college newspaper, The Amherst Student:

Whose stick is this? I think I know.
'Twas new 300 saves ago,
But splintered now beyond repair,
From slapshots fired by skating foe.

My shivering date must think it queer
That none watch with any gnawing fear,
As O'Malley braves those blazing pucks,
Without enough defensemen near.

"Spring will be lovely," hear him weep,
"But I have promises to keep,
Ten games to go before I sleep,
Ten more to go before I sleep."

The poet apologized "to Robert Frost and anyone else who could take offense." The O'Malley of the poem is obviously the Amherst goalie, since elsewhere on the sports page appears the boxed admonition: O'MALLEY SAVES.

Though, apparently, not often enough.

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