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June 30, 1969
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June 30, 1969


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"Meet directors in Europe compete fiercely with each other," Ottoz went on. "They frequently do sneaky things to put on a bigger, better meet. Before I left for California I was asked by promoters in three Italian towns with meets scheduled this summer to invite top American athletes to these events. They told me I should offer the athletes money, if that would help to get them to Italy. To me, this is disgusting and embarrassing."

Department of Things That Didn't Have to Come but Did: the newly organized U.S. Golf Cart Racing Association will stage its first Golf Cart Grand Prix on July 4, not down the fairways and through the rough, but at Daytona International Speedway. Purses will total $17. Well, it's a beginning.

If you have an alcohol problem, be thankful you are not a snail. W. E. Althauser of Memphis was plagued with snails—or slugs—that came out of hiding at night and ate all the vegetation they could find. Althauser had read someplace that beer would kill snails. So he took a can from a six-pack, poured the amber fluid into a shallow pan and set it out in his yard. The next morning he was astounded to discover almost 500 dead snails in the pan. Althauser says he does not know whether the beer poisons the snails or they get drunk and drown. But it gets them.

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