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Peter Carry
January 19, 1970
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January 19, 1970

The Week

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For the first time Western Athletic Conference history two teams swept two-game road trips in the same week. Texas at El Paso, which won 77-64 at Colorado State and 80-70 at Wyoming, and Utah, a 93-92 victor at Arizona State and a 79-74 winner at Arizona, pulled off the upsets. The Miners, led by Guard Nate (Roller Skate) Archibald, were the more impressive. While his teammates held the Rams to a 33% shooting average and the Cowboys to 36%, Archibald scored 55 points, 31 of them from the foul line. He was awarded 35 free throws, most of them resulting from overly tight defenses moving in to stop his jump shots and fancy dribbling.

Arizona, like so many other schools recently, became embroiled in a battle with Brigham Young, but most of the action was off court. Protesting the racial policies of the Mormon Church, Arizona students burned the foul line off the court with lighter fluid the day before the game, and at game time 200 demonstrators collected outside the gym. With every Wildcat player wearing a black waistband to show sympathy with the Black Student Union's protests, Arizona won 90-77.

For the third time this season UCLA needed a last-second shot to win a one-point victory over an opponent using a controlled offense. Earlier Minnesota and Princeton held the Bruins to nearly 30 points under their usual scoring total only to lose at the buzzer. The latest near winner was Oregon State, which trailed by as many as nine points in the first half. The Beavers patiently wiped out the Bruins' lead in the second period but still lost 72-71, substitute Forward John Ecker's three-foot jump shot with four seconds to play providing the winning point. Earlier UCLA defeated Oregon 75-58.

New Mexico State beat UTEP 75-66 and Montana State 106-68.

1. UCLA (10-0)
2. NEW MEXICO ST (14-1)

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