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January 26, 1970
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January 26, 1970


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Grasping for sources of revenue to meet transit deficits in New York City, Louis DeSalvio, a New York State Assemblyman from Manhattan, has introduced a bill that would add 50 thoroughbred racing days to the already overlong New York racing season. He called it a "painless" way to raise extra money to keep down subway fares. It gives us a pain.

The proposal would mean practically year-round racing. As it is, the New York season begins early in March and runs into December. In 1968 the temperature on the last day of so-called racing was 9°. The fans had to watch on closed-circuit television, the jockeys were blowing on their hands and wearing as much added weight as they dared and the horses were the bad residue of those stables that had not yet gone south. To start such racing again a few weeks later would reduce the sport in the Sport of Kings to the status of another number on a Bingo card.

President Nixon's popular espousal of football (his trip to see the Texas-Arkansas game, his naming Texas No. 1, his phone call to Len Dawson in the clubhouse after the Super Bowl) may be fraying a little around the edges. It was not at all surprising that Ralph Nader should say that the President had given far less attention to the consumer movement than he had to the University of Texas football team, but what could really hurt a guy was the reaction of Mrs. Connie McCready, a life-long Republican who is a state representative in Oregon. Mrs. McCready is one of those nuts, a seeker after steelhead trout. The other day, after 20 years of frustrated effort, she finally succeeded in hooking and landing a splendid 12-pound steelhead. She should have been utterly delighted, but a day or so after the event she confessed to an element of disappointment. "President Nixon hasn't even called," she complained.


We print in its entirety this admirably succinct letter from Mr. Robert E. O'Quinn Jr. of The Leelanau Schools, Glen Arbor, Mich.

Dear Sirs,

Tonight, Jan. 6, 1970, the Leelanau Indian Junior Varsity basketball team of Glen Arbor, Mich. ended a 113-game losing streak by defeating the Leland Comets 30-19.


Maybe the thieves thought they were getting a bonanza of expensive watches. After all, here were 102 cartons from Switzerland, all loaded on a big truck parked at Kennedy International Airport, and the driver had gone home to bed. So they stole the whole shipment and vanished—and found that they had 1,189 pairs of ski boots.

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