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February 02, 1970
SIGHT, SOUND AND FURYSirs:Delving into the personalities of television sportscasters made for a quite amusing story on their not-so-inactive world (Towering Babble and [Sob] Heidi, Jan. 19). We, as Super Spectator, are blind to the man behind the mike. Rather, it is the event that engrosses our minds. However, I must contest Roone Arledge's statement that today's menagerie of announcers lacks controversy or fails to voice a definite opinion. Obviously, he is oblivious of one Howard Cosell. The bite and arrogance of Cosell is unmatched in a profession dominated by neutrality. Whether accusing Ali or nagging Namath, his feelings are never hidden. And what molds this uniqueness of character is his sarcastic delivery—a trait that marked his sports reporting in the 1960s. Not too many fans find Howard Cosell endearing, yet you've got to respect that tell-it-like-it-is style.BOB PROCHASKAEast Dubuque, Ill.
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February 02, 1970

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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As a longtime subscriber to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED I have been amused and angered but always intrigued by the articles written by Tex Maule. As a staunch Jet fan and advocate of the AFL, I could easily aim some biting and sarcastic remarks at Mr. Maule. Instead I choose to defend him.

Pity poor Tex, for here stands the king's champion whose king has deserted him. We must recognize that Mr. Maule writes with keen insight and complete objectivity. For who else would state, "The pro football championship of the world was rather definitely decided on a mushy field in Cleveland on Dec. 29 when the Baltimore Colts crushed the Browns 34-0" (Jan. 13, 1969)? It was Tex Maule who also wrote of the invincibility of Joe Kapp and The Purple People Eaters (Merciless Minnesota, Nov. 3).

AFL fans should not judge Mr. Maule too harshly, for he is not the Oracle from Delphi. Rather, his prognostications are more like those made by the captain of the Titanic.
Whitestone, N.Y.

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