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Edited by Robert Creamer
August 10, 1970
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August 10, 1970


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Central Park South, the controversial Louisiana nightclub owned by New Orleans Saints Running Back Ernie Wheelwright (SI, June 1), was closed last week, but not by the NFL, which wanted Wheelwright out of a place it felt was too closely associated with mobsters, nor by state or federal law-enforcing agencies. Instead, the club was shut down by order of the Jefferson Parish Health Unit, which said it did not have proper sewage-treatment facilities. Wheelwright angrily asked how the place could have been operated for two years previously with the same conditions prevailing and demanded to know why the previous operator of the club had not been shut down. Raul Busquet, chief of sanitation of the health unit, said that a previous operator had been advised of the violation on Oct. 23, 1969 and shortly afterward had closed the business. Wheelwright had been given a temporary permit in April with the understanding that he would provide adequate disposal facilities. After the temporary permit expired, inspections revealed that the sewage conditions had not changed, and when Wheelwright failed to appear at a meeting on July 22 the order to close the premises followed.

Wheelwright had arranged to buy the club last February, after first consulting with the Saints' front office. Despite their O.K., he was advised in mid-April by Bernie Jackson, an NFL lawyer, to abandon the deal. Wheelwright refused, even though he was warned that he would probably be suspended if he continued with what the league felt was an unsavory business connection.

As Sheriff Alwynn Cronvich of Jefferson Parish said then, "Someone has given Wheelwright very bad advice."

The greyhound track in Ju�rez, Mexico, has inserted a Primate Special into the regular card of dog racing. Greyhounds fitted with special saddles are ridden by tiny jockeys—capuchin monkeys imported from South America. The monkey-dog exhibitions have made such a hit with the crowd that the track management is thinking of making them a part of the card on weekends, with pari-mutuel betting allowed.

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