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August 24, 1970
BELL, BOOK AND BOO-BOOSirs:The article by William Reed (He Whistles While He Works, Aug. 10) about Tommy Bell, the NFL football referee and his crew of Graf, Kelleher, Jorgensen, Toler and Harder was most interesting, informative, educational and enjoyable. They are good.WILLIAM H. (RED) FRIESELL JR.Stone Harbor, N.J.
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August 24, 1970

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Congratulations for extolling the virtues of the good side of boxing and presenting a picture of two outstanding individuals associated with the sport (Chip Off the Old Redwood, Aug. 10). I boxed for Ray Lunny at Stanford and am still a close friend of his and young Ray's. Anybody who knew Lunny at Stanford idolized him for the kind of person he is: kind, humorous, tough and yet sensitive. And young Ray is a chip off the old redwood, although I would hesitate to say "old" too loudly.

I wish individuals like the Lunnys, who are not only a credit to their sport but to anything they're involved in, could be brought to the public's attention more often. Then and only then would the uninformed come to understand the many benefits of boxing at its grass-roots level, whether it be YMCA, PAL, college or AAU and Olympic. A truly great sport could be returned to its deserved status.
Los Angeles

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