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August 31, 1970
Joe Namath reported in last week at war with the press ("Everything that's been written about me is a lie") but with a softer message for autograph seekers, who came away with:
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August 31, 1970


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Whatever some people may think, both Abbie Hoffman and Muhammad Ali are appealing—their respective court convictions that is—and Ali has asked the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals how come he's been refused permission to go to Canada while Abbie Hoffman, of the Chicago 7, has been given an O.K. to romp off to Cuba. Hoffman said in his request to the court that he had research to do for an article for a Cuban magazine Rebel Youth. Not only was his request granted while Ali's was turned down, Hoffman's trip to Cuba will originate in, you guessed it, Canada.

Picking a horse is tough enough, but consider the problem of the Irish ratplayer. At the All Ireland Rat Race Championships held in County Cork the contenders were running in several heats under different names. The winner was a rat called, at that point, Ilsilinzio—a fine figure of a rodent, to be sure, but the same rat had been eliminated earlier under the far more promising name of Nijinsky.

President Nixon, fond as always of the sporting reference, explained last week that it wasn't so bad that the Senate had overridden one of his vetoes. "You know in baseball if you bat .500, that's better than anybody's batted since Ty Cobb. So we're doing better than Ty Cobb on vetoes." Fair enough, but some Washington Senator is sure to point out that .500 wouldn't be much of a won-lost mark. (Or some historian, that Cobb's best year was .420.)

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