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Dan Jenkins
September 14, 1970
College football coaches have always lived with certain nightmares—with intellectual linemen who jumped offside because they couldn't remember exactly what "hut" meant, with fullbacks who flunked Park and Rec, with quarterbacks who threw wobblers into the trombone section and with evil, left-leaning referees who hurled red flags on first-and-goal. These were horrid dreams, but the coach managed to erase them with some good old American hard hitting on the practice field and a reminder to himself that the danged old football just wasn't round. By Saturday everything would be O.K., and the team would go out to win one for the campus, the city, the state, the boys overseas, Mom and Pop and, just to inject a note of sentimentality, for the coach's job.
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September 14, 1970

Another Nightmare For The Year Ahead

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As another coach says, "Some administrations expect you to invest only $30,000 recruiting and make about $2 million with it at the gate with a winner. How many other businesses do it?"

There are real fears in the collegiate world about protests and demonstrations against football and about the lack of adequate incentive among athletes.

One coach who seems to be particularly paranoid over long hair, pot, militant blacks and so forth, says: "We hear they've got four television games picked out where they'll do something."

They who?

"Well, you know," he says.

For all the fears it is still not easy to envision a group of demonstrators in a stadium at South Bend, Austin, Los Angeles, Fayetteville, Tuscaloosa, Columbus, Baton Rouge or a number of other places and see them escaping with their lives or even their revolution shirts from the Army-Navy store.

Not that there aren't indications—mild ones, at least—that places are changing.

At Texas, for example, Darrell Royal for the first time is likely to have a black athlete in the starting lineup—a sophomore roverback on defense named Julius Whittier.

But already Whittier has been quoted in the newspapers as saying he might have more in common with the campus hippies than with his teammates.

And how did that sit with Royal?

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