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October 05, 1970
PUT IT ON...Blowing the whistle as official starter for a bicycle race in Baltimore was a miniskirted hometown girl, better known as stripper Blaze Starr. Blaze gets a lot of requests to do things like this, which she accepts as part of her civic duty. But she doesn't really cycle any more. She keeps in condition by jogging. And what is her condition? It's 42-25-38, that's what her condition is.
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October 05, 1970


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The Twins' Dave Boswell has 22 new stitches in his pitching hand—he was "scuffling" with teammate Paul Ratliff and neglected to put down the glass he was holding at the time. Let's see, now. In two years Boswell has: 1) cut himself with a fishing knife, 2) been bitten by a snake, 3) gotten into a fight with a fan in a stadium parking lot, 4) flattened teammate Bob Allison, who was trying to act as a peacemaker, and then 5) been flattened himself by soon-to-be-fired Manager Billy Martin and 6) wrecked his pitching motion by, as he says, walking around in tight shoes—a mistake which brought on a condition not to be confused with the one that wrecked his form of 1969. That, he explains, was caused by "a frog in my upper back."

The following fish story is rated X—

Anglers the world over will be dismayed to learn that a gang of scientists is planning a sneaky new lure for Nessie, the Loch Ness monster. The crew, from an institution called the Academy of Applied Sciences at Belmont, Mass., will pour into the Scottish lake some "sex essences" of eels, sea cows, sea lions and fish. And if that fails to stir up Nessie, they plan to play underwater tapes of eels and sea lions eating, fighting and mating.

Pay no attention, Nessie. Stay down there, old girl. What do they think this is: Denmark?

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