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Edited by Robert Creamer
October 26, 1970
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October 26, 1970


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The IAAF has worked out an arrangement that will let manufacturers like Adidas and Puma continue to make track shoes with distinctive markings; in return, distribution of the shoes to athletes must be done through the national Olympic committee in each country.

The IAAF has upped per diem allowances for athletes competing in foreign countries from $2 to $3 (pocket money for incidentals); travel and living expenses are paid by the national team.


A newspaper report described Don Jackson, Columbia's sophomore quarterback, as one of several black quarterbacks in the Ivy League, and the Columbia sports information director had to issue a release specifically describing Jackson as white, not black. Ideally, such confusion between white and black should not be important enough to notice, but we are a race-conscious people. In Texas, Ted Nance, the University of Houston's publicity man, received a call from a writer on this magazine asking if it was true that Houston's offensive backfield coach was black. "No," replied Nance, "he is Brown. In fact we have two offensive backfield coaches. One is Brown and the other is Redd."

"Oh," said our man. "Well, is one of them black?"

"Yes," said Nance, "Redd is black. Brown is white."

Five minutes later our writer called Nance back and said, "Would you mind giving that all to me again?"

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