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Pat Putnam
November 23, 1970
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November 23, 1970

The Week

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Reciprocate is one word for it. UCLA was favored to win by three points but lost 61-20. And Owens never let up. With the score 54-12 Washington booted an onside kick, recovered it and turned it into a touchdown. Sonny Sixkiller, the Husky quarterback, hit 18 of 35 passes for 277 yards and three touchdowns. Then he made way for another sophomore, Greg Collins, who completed six of 11 passes for three more scores. You have to wonder what they were mad about; they didn't even play last year.

With more bowl scouts around than there are sausages on a $4 pizza Arizona State's Sun Devils zoomed past Utah 37-14, stretching their victory streak to 14. Utah hadn't allowed a touchdown in its three previous games.


1. LSU (7-1)
2. TENNESSEE (7-1)

Depend on the Southeastern Conference. Just when the cream begins rising, some upstart comes along and shakes the bottle. Auburn was 7-1 and rising after its Oct. 24 loss to LSU, and if the Tigers were going to lose again it surely would not be to Georgia (4-4 and falling). But after a first half that ended with a 17-17 tie, Georgia put it all together, offense and defense, and made it look easy, winning 31-17. "I just don't know how we lost four games," said Georgia End Charles Whittemore, to which Auburn Coach Shug Jordan said amen. "They beat us just about every way you can," said Jordan. "They were simply more effective in every phase, including passing, where I was beginning to believe we excelled."

While Tennessee (7-1) took a week off, LSU plunged on toward its Dec. 5 showdown with Mississippi by coupling a good start with a good finish to beat Mississippi State 38-7. The Tigers opened with two scores, sputtered through the middle periods and then finished with three touchdowns, all the while improving their No. 1 rushing defense by holding State to a mere six yards. LSU has now gone 11 straight games without giving up a touchdown on the ground.

The last player to score that way against LSU was Archie Manning, who spent last Saturday with a cast on his broken left arm watching Shug (Who?) Chumbler pass for four touchdowns while Mississippi was defeating Chattanooga 44-7. "I was a little concerned at first," said Chumbler, a 6'4" junior making his first start, "but as things went along I began to feel better." Like when after Chattanooga's lone score Vernon Studdard took the ensuing kickoff 86 yards into the end zone, returning the game to its proper perspective.

For Mississippi fans the word from the medics on Manning is bright. He is expected to return for the game against LSU, and if not then certainly he will be ready when the Rebels play someone on Jan. 1.


1. DARTMOUTH (8-0)
2. PENN STATE (6-3)

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