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December 07, 1970
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December 07, 1970


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First, Mario Andretti crashed his fancy new Formula I racer during the Grand Prix of Austria. Car owner Andy Granatelli cabled some U.S. newsmen that the thing was demolished and that most of what was left was snatched off by souvenir hunters. Next, trying to play down his crash, Andretti allowed as how the car wasn't really damaged all that much. Enter Indianapolis sportswriter Ray Marquette, who got into a big hoo-ha with Granatelli over how badly the car was hurt. And pretty soon a truck pulled into Marquette's driveway and the driver unloaded 80 pounds of junk: the ravaged remains of a Formula I Monocoque chassis. "I had to pay $5.67 freight for it," Marquette howled to Granatelli. "You got a bargain," growled Andy. "After all, I paid $12,500 for the damn thing."'

Most Artistic Sporting Quote of the Week:

From collector Alec Wildenstein, who bid a world-record $5,544,000 for a Vel�zquez oil: "It is not a gamble. A horse may sell for five or six million dollars and then break a leg. That is a gamble."

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