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Who's Next?
December 21, 1970
A decade from now, when a Sportsman of the '70s can be selected, Bobby Orr may or may not have earned a place with the men shown here, personalities who reigned as dominant figures in their times. As of today, he is merely off to a sterling start, an innovative and skillful young man who typifies much that happened in 1970. It was a year in which youth was insistent and often exceptional; vitality abounded, conformity was out. Age was served, Brooks Robinson and George Blanda were peerless as old pros. An era passed; was it not just Vince Lombardi but what he stood for, too, that died so unexpectedly? And self-proclaimed individualism ruled; clipping was a penalty that few crew-cut coaches dared impose. Still, in the long view, this decade probably began no more eventfully than the others of this century. Teddy Roosevelt confronted the conservation battle, Joe Louis knew a reeling economy, Joe DiMaggio a war. But somehow, the years with zeroes at the end, 1900-1930-1940 and the lot, seem especially worth remembering. On the following pages are the sporting highlights of the latest one—down to the last laugh.
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December 21, 1970

Who's Next?

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"If a horse can't eat it, I don't want to play on it."

Marty Liquori to Kip Keino as the Kenyan stopped during their confrontation:

"Don't quit, dammit!"

Baron Marcel Bich after getting lost in fog and beaten by Australia's 'Gretel II':

"Je suis d?shonor?."

Words to Live by

Dave Hill on the U.S. Open course at Hazeltine:

"All it needs is 80 acres of corn and some cows."

Bridgeport Jet Linebacker Wally Florence after crashing into Patricia Palinkas:

"I tried to break her neck."

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