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Edited by Martin Kane
June 28, 1971
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June 28, 1971


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Mrs. Roban is thinking it over.


The food customarily consumed during mountain climbs would hardly interest a gourmet, but the British Army Catering Corps is about to change that.

In August a team composed of Captain Nigel Gifford of the Catering Corps and Martin Chambers of the Royal Marine Commandos will leave for the Swiss Alps and an assault on the northeast face of the perilous Eiger.

With them they will carry rations chosen by Major Brynley Griffiths of the Catering Corps. Among the dishes: poulet saut� Alpine (chicken breasts and vegetables cooked in a white wine sauce and flavored with Gruy�re cheese); le cari tie Madras an riz (a curry with rice); and Zigeuner Speise (veal cooked with wine, cream and pimentos).

For dessert there will be chocolate, jelly babies and dolly mixture. The latter two are types of candy favored by English children.

"I think something amusing will be good for the morale," explains Major Griffiths.


The pesky blackflies of Maine and other northern areas, which are so ferocious that they have been known to kill cattle, now are being tricked by a strange device—the hard hat.

The discovery was made by an unknown fisherman in northern Alberta who, for one reason or another, donned a hard hat for a day on the stream. By happenstance it was of unpainted aluminum and he had smeared it with a thin film of fuel oil.

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