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Edited by Martin Kane
July 12, 1971
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July 12, 1971


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An ex-player or manager can start collecting his pension any time after he reaches 50. If he chooses not to collect it at that time, the money stays in the fund and the pension payments he eventually will receive grow larger and larger. At 65, though, the pension payments no longer increase. They stabilize at the last plateau.

To start getting his monthly check, the pensioner must apply 30 days before his 65th birthday. If he does not, it is the same as turning down money—and Durocher is not about to turn down $23,340 a year for vanity's sake.

That's how we found out, Leo.


The Detroit zoo was forced to hire additional security guards last month to protect its animals from brainless, heartless gawkers who have been killing them with everything from arrows to firecrackers. But the problem is not limited to Detroit.

At Seattle's Woodland Park zoo autopsies on the bodies of two river otters showed that they died of eating flashbulbs tossed into their pool. Deer, handfed candy and ice-cream bars on stick handles, die from swallowing the sticks. Harbor seals playfully—and fatally—catch and swallow pennies tossed to them. One seal was found with 400 coins in its stomach. Another seal had eaten two socks, three gloves, a plastic bag and some string, resulting in a fatal intestinal blockage.

There's a reason for those DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS signs.


The fugitive was wanted on half a dozen criminal charges but, passing Margaret Hayward playground in San Francisco, he saw a baseball game in progress and could not resist stopping.

It was the annual Police Inspectors vs. FBI contest.

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