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Edited by Martin Kane
July 26, 1971
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July 26, 1971


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But the Tarahumara has a heart of normal size, and medical studies have rarely found an instance of one falling dead from exhaustion or becoming fatally ill from his interminable running sessions.

To be sure, the Tarahumara does not quit running in his 20s and spend the rest of his life sitting down.

As Dr. George A. Sheehan of Red Bank, N.J. sums up: "Man's life expectancy—that of living each day at the top of his powers rather than longevity—depends on getting the utmost out of his body. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die would be O.K. if it were true. It isn't. The truth is—eat, drink and be merry and tomorrow you're gross."

If a Tarahumara ever enters the Boston Marathon, back him all the way.


For the coaches of Bloomington ( Ind.) High School this is a summer to forget. They must find replacements for the largest group of graduating star athletes in the school's history.

They need candidates to take the places of Dobby Grossman and Dave Brown from the unbeaten football team, Jack Deppe from the unbeaten state champion swimming team, Jim Cornwell and Marty Hutsell from the unbeaten state champion wrestling team and Frank Witney from the 20-5 baseball team.

Of the six, Grossman, Brown, Deppe and Cornwell were picked as high school All-Americas by national publications. Hutsell and Cornwell were chosen on a Top 50 list of the nation's prep wrestlers. And although there are no All-America baseball selections, Witney was recommended by major league scouts to the collegiate baseball program at Arizona State.


A gully once filled with empty whiskey bottles is becoming part of one of Utah's finest year-round resort areas. Owned and operated by the state's first residents, the Ute Indians, it has been named the Ute Bottle Hollow Resort. There are 42 luxury motel units, along with excellent swimming, boating and dining facilities.

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