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Edited by Martin Kane
August 09, 1971
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August 09, 1971


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The result is that three players have been suspended—two of them for life, one for 10 years. The latter is of such an age that a 10-year suspension is equivalent to life. None of the teams in the 140 countries represented in the World Soccer Association will be permitted to hire them.

Soccer is rugged. So are its commissioners.


Elsewhere the fading fad is for Polish or Italian jokes, but in Texas the genre almost always has to do with Texas A&M students. So there's the one about the Aggie preparing for a fishing trip who went into a bait shop and was told he could purchase all the worms he wanted for $1.

"Great," the Aggie said. "Gimme two bucks' worth."


When the New Orleans Saints opened training, one of the first rules laid down by Coach J. B. Roberts was that any player reporting for a meal in sandals or without socks would be fined $1,000.

So far, no player has checked to see if he means it.

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