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The Queen off the Divers Is King
William F. Reed
August 16, 1971
U.S. Air Force Captain Maxine Joyce (Micki) King is only 27 but in the age-conscious world of competitive diving she is regarded as something of a relic; many of her younger rivals tease Micki by calling her Mother Max. They also tend to regard her with something close to reverence.
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August 16, 1971

The Queen Off The Divers Is King

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Micki's present goal is to qualify for the '72 Olympics in both springboard and platform. That would give her two chances to win a gold medal. "I feel like I cheated myself in Mexico," she says. "That's the main reason I decided to come back. And, frankly, I believe I have an advantage over the kids because of my experience. Diving is not an endurance sport per se. It is a technique sport where the mechanics must be learned and overlearned. The only way to get consistency is through repetition, and the older you are the more repetition you have had. So I think an older person diving under the right conditions has an advantage."

In other words, kids, Mother Max isn't ready for the old divers' home quite yet.

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