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Edited by Martin Kane
August 30, 1971
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August 30, 1971


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It was important for some 2.1 million teachers, whose contract year, in most cases, begins Sept. 1. In ruling on the teachers, the Cost of Living Council said firmly: "If the contract period started before Aug. 15, the salary increase may be granted. If the contract period starts after Aug. 15, the increase is not allowed."

That definition would seem to fit professional football players, too.

And Vida Blue, struggling along on about $13,000 a year.


In the Italian town of Ferrere, famed for its sparkling spumante, the parish priest, Don Eraldo Armosino, 51, and Leopoldo Trichero, 42, an official of the carpenters' union, have long been political antagonists.

But, since they are Italians, political differences have not meant that they could not sit late into the night in warm discussion. Two months ago they were done arguing for the evening when the priest challenged the carpenter to a bicycle race. The loser would keep his mouth shut about politics for a whole year.

Both trained hard, and last week the race was held, over a 3.6-mile course. It had been agreed that, because of the age differential, Don Armosino would be given a head start of 1,500 meters, almost a mile.

All but one of Ferrere's 1,316 citizens turned out for the race. The carpenter appeared togged out in professional cyclist gear. The priest, two hours late because he had to ring the church bells, wore black slacks, a checkered sports shirt and sandals.

Don Armosino crossed the finish line two minutes ahead of Trichero and was carried away in triumph on the shoulders of his parishioners.

Trichero was a good loser.

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