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August 30, 1971
THE DEFENSE RESTSSirs:J.P. Heinz' literate article, In Defense of the Sweet Science (Aug. 16), failed to convince me of the merits of boxing. I cannot object to this sport on the grounds of esthetics, corruption or physical danger; Heinz covers these topics well, and consequently the art of pugilism comes off as looking no worse than football, baseball, hockey or any other major sport. My objection to boxing is philosophical or strategic. It is the only sport perpetrated by modern man which has as its object the physical hurt of another human being. While some other sports encompass physical contact, at times even brutal physical contact, boxing alone has no goal save the maiming of one's opponent. Football and hockey teams win by scoring more points than their opponent; a boxer wins by beating on his opponent, preferably to the point of unconsciousness.
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August 30, 1971

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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There would be very little change in the overall dimensions of the field, a foot or two at most. So the switch to meters is not all that unreasonable.
Palos Heights, Ill.

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