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With fans like these, who needs LA?
Charles Einstein
September 06, 1971
A funny thing happens to the San Francisco Giants on their way out of Candlestick Park. They are followed, frequently for thousands of miles. The followers belong to an organization known as the San Francisco Giants Boosters Club of Northern California, which has a standing—at times, a leaning—membership of nearly 2,000, many of them old enough to list repeal as the single most important event in their lives. To the Giants, who this year may just for once finish higher than second, the effect is less than soothing. "You don't know whether to shoot or go blind," one of them said.
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September 06, 1971

With Fans Like These, Who Needs La?

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"Do not badger the players," Murray has advised busloads of Boosters. "They're human like you are." That last proposition is subject to dispute since the Boosters, in transit, have demonstrated a certain immunity to some mortal practices, such as sleep. "At five o'clock in the morning I would have shot them," said one Giant.

So how to account for the Giants' fine showing this year? "Easy," said a player. "Chloroform. They can't tell the difference." That and winning an awful lot of games at home.

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