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What are they doing with the sacred game of pro football?
Edwin Shrake
October 25, 1971
By nine o'clock on Saturday night the London Chop House in Detroit already had enough people in it to start another suburb, and dozens more were waiting at the red velvet rope and lined up along the stairs to the street, and if you phoned for a reservation you were told it didn't matter if you were Henry Ford bringing Prince Charles in for a bucket of snails, it would be hours before you could have a table.
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October 25, 1971

What Are They Doing With The Sacred Game Of Pro Football?

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"I don't get a chance for many," Gifford said.

"That's even a better one," said Meredith.

It could be that if Gifford continues to improve and can do what Arledge expects of him, he will evolve into the star of the trio. It could also be that Cosell will destroy him on the air some night, or that Meredith will decide to dominate the mike, or that the three of them will all begin talking at once in a fierce babble that Forte will have to cure with a switch. Or it could be that by the end of this season even their many critics will grant that they are the best announcing team ever heard on TV sports. However it turns out, Arledge appears to be right about one thing—his three guys in the booth are a big reason why people are gathering in homes and bars to watch TV on Monday nights again.

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