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January 17, 1972
THE PRICE OF PEACESirs: In my humble opinion, the Boston Bruins are doing O.K. (Watcha Doin', Brother Bruin? Jan. 3). It seems to me that the Boston fans are far too critical of all their professional sports teams and expect, if not demand, perfection. As long as the Bruins are winning, what's the difference? More power to Bobby Orr for minding his own business, namely defense, and for his better all-round attitude this season. At least he's contributing to the team's success. Bobby is good enough for me any day, and so are Phil Esposito and all the other talented Bruins. Peace horrible? Never! Peace is wonderful!WILLIAM F. O'BRIEN Cincinnati
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January 17, 1972

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Congratulations on your Jan. 3 issue. It was one of your best ever. John Underwood and Tex Maule wrote fine articles covering the NFL playoffs, and your photographs of the games were great.
Arlington, Mass.

John Underwood's interpretation of the Miami- Kansas City game was excellent. He not only gave due credit to Garo Yepremian, who should be in the Pro Bowl as he proved by outscoring Jan Stenerud during the regular season and outdueling him decisively in a head-to-head showdown, but expertly described Curt Gowdy, who is one half of the worst announcing team communications will ever know.

Thanks, John Underwood, for a very fine overall article, but a special thanks for setting readers straight on who belongs in the Pro Bowl.
Duluth, Minn.

Thanks to SI and William Reed for the article Good Times Come to Cajun Country (Dec. 20). If it were not for this fantastic account of the University of Southwestern Louisiana and Dwight (Bo Pete) Lamar, the nation's basketball fans might have gone through the entire season not knowing about this very fine team.

We are proud of Coach Beryl Shipley and his Ragin' Cajuns.
Simmesport, La.

We at Louisiana Tech were overjoyed to read your Dec. 20 story on our old basketball rival, the University of Southwestern Louisiana. You were correct in adding the statement that the Cajuns could enter the NCAA Midwest Regional if they don't "allow themselves to be shot down by somebody like Louisiana Tech."

While the Cajuns have moved into the major Top 20 with their glamorous big-time schedule, Tech has been devastating assorted opponents in the college division. Tech is rooting for USL to come into its two games with us with the highest possible rating because we do indeed plan to shoot them down—twice, instead of our usual home-and-away split.

Tech has a pair of lightning-quick guards with dipsy doodles that Dwight Lamar is still trying to imitate, and 6'10" Mike Green makes Roy Ebron look like an ordinary man. Y'all come back to Lafayette Jan. 22 and then be in Ruston on Feb. 14. That's when we're going to "let the good teams roll."
Managing Editor
The Tech Talk
Ruston, La.

Your "Poor Sport" item in the SCORECARD section of the Dec. 13 issue is a very fine example of a short memory with regard to the passing record of John Reaves of the University of Florida.

John passed for 15 yards after his team paid him the highest tribute and respect in their grasp-they got the ball for him to have another shot at the record. This was accomplished in spite of what seemed to be a deliberate attempt by the Miami team to keep him from having an opportunity to tie or break Jim Plunkett's NCAA passing record.

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