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March 06, 1972
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March 06, 1972


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"Zero," said Tose, who put up $2.5 million of his own money in the purchase of the Eagles. In other words, he paid no income tax at all. Losses incurred by the Eagles had offset his income from other sources. In fact, he got a $2,774 refund.

An argument by his wife's attorney that the Eagles' owner was worth $8.5 million was dismissed by Tose as "irrelevant."


Bob Kap, who used to hunt soccer-style kickers in Europe for the Dallas Cowboys and now does the same thing for the New Orleans Saints, has just returned from one of his trips abroad with the startling claim that soccer is on the decline in Europe. American football, he says, is creeping up.

Kap, who has a heavy Bulgarian accent, told Sports Editor Blackie Sherrod of The Dallas Times Herald that while soccer is still a major attraction in England and Italy, "In West Germany there has been a big change in the last two, three years. The first-division team is operating red ink. The stadium seat 100,000. Maybe 10,000 or 12,000 show for game." Kap said Austria and France are in a similar state. "In Paris the famous Racing team went busted. Promoters brought Pel� and his Santos team to Paris from South America. They have Brigitte Bardot to lead parade and kick first ball. Only 30,000 people show in stadium that seat 60,000!"

Soccer people said Kap was talking through his hat, but the kicking scout insisted he was right. He predicted that after the 1974 World Cup competition in West Germany, "The game will go down fast. Dead silence all over in soccer. Europe now becoming more Americanized. People make more money, drive cars, drive, drive, drive. Eat fast lunch, drive, parking. Rush, rush, rush, like America. Become more aggressive like Americans. Soccer is too soft game. Pinching is a foul. Women now play soccer. Women! Europeans want more violence. Hockey is very big. Fast game, rough, violence. Basketball is big. Faster game. More action. More scoring. Rush, rush, like America."

And American football? "Big paper in West Germany, the Bild-Zeitung, 4.5 million circulation, wrote large article about American football when I was there. The Paris Herald Tribune carry stories. Big soccer magazine in West Germany ask me to write one article a month on American football. This is all over Europe, everywhere I go. I show film on television, highlight film of New Orleans. The response was enormous."

Hear that, Pete? Rush, rush, rush.


It sounds like an echo, but strikes, bad weather, squabbles among construction companies and goofs, such as misaligning the aisles, have combined to keep Kansas City up to date in stadium building. The baseball part of the new Harry S Truman sports complex will not be ready for Opening Day on April 11, and there are indications that the separate football stadium won't be on time either, at least not for a scheduled Aug. 12 exhibition game.

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